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Easy life hacks for your personal safety

Have you ever bee in dangerous situations? Or have you ever been robbed? We face potentially dangerous situations quite often actually. Every time we cross the road, traveling abroad or within our country, carrying our laptop to work... In this video we will share some simple safety hacks that may save your life one day.

How to keep your money safe during the journey 11:16
Do you life traveling? Learning about new cities or countries is a fascinating experience, but no one wants to be robbed. Street thieves can be quite witty, but here are some safe unusual places to store your cash on the trip.

1. Take a bar of soap and make a tine hole in it using a drill. Roll a bank note and put it inside a hole. No one will ever think of checking a simple soap. Just do not forget about your safe place and don't wet your soap accidentally.

2. Do you carry a hair brush with you? Well, you'd better do it not only to keep you hair looking good, but also to keep some cash inside it.

3. Have you used you favorite lipstick? Do not throw its package away - put some money in instead. You will be the only one knowing about it, we promise!

4. Here is an extreme method. Fold a bank note and put it inside of the chewing gum package. Be careful and do not give it to your friend or a random person in the street asking for some gum 😊

5. One more great place is to hide some cash under the sole of your favorite shoes. Again, no one will ever get an idea to look for your savings there.

6. You've probably hears of this hack - put the bank note in your phone case. Make sure the case is not transparent 😉 However, if you lose your phone, you will also lose your money.

With these unique money safety tips for travelers you won't lose a penny. Unless you spend all your money at duty free 😉

Also, find out how to ease the pain, get rid of bruises more quickly, cure minor burns and cuts and many more greatly helpful first aid tips just for you! Stay healthy! ;)

Be safe!

00:45 Respiratory bottle mask
01:50 How to keep your personal bag safe in a car
03:52 Treat a bruiser with some toothpaste
05:24 Extreme survival tips
07:14 Escape life hacks
08:46 How to apply a band aid correctly

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